• Sonny San
    Designer and BlackBerry Messenger
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    As a fashion designer, Sonny San lives a busy, glamorous life and is constantly on the move. BBM™ helps him take his business and inspirations with him wherever he goes.

    He uses BBM to organise meetings and keep track of his latest fashion line with his friends and colleagues wherever he is.
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  • I'm not a designer.
    I'm a messenger.
    BlackBerry Messenger

    Fashion is about keeping up with quick changes. In my business, BlackBerry® Messenger gives me constancy and peace-of-mind with instant delivery confirmations.

    I share unlimited messages each day without worrying about SMS fees. I create BlackBerry® Groups and send photos and videos up to 6MB to share my latest fashion line. BBM is my preferred partner.

  • My BBM is like a secret society.
    Through BBM I can
    express how joyful I am
    with my work.
    I can close a deal just
    through BBM. My BBM is
    very close to me, its very
    personal to me, it is my
    business tool. I never let it
    out of my sight. It means
    the world to me.
  • It's all about BBM

    Add your friends, create groups and share pictures & videos with your contacts all in an instant.

    Send and receive messages with unlimited character length, and instant delivery notifications.