The BlackBerry® 8800 series smartphones are designed with you in mind. They look and feel good in your hand, and still offer you everything you need for your life on the go.
Image of a BlackBerry Pearl Smartphone
Flexible Communications

You don't stay in touch with all the people in your life in the exact same way. BlackBerry® 8800 series smartphones ensure that you can stay in the loop even when you're on the go. Stay on top of what's happening at home or at the office with voice, text, instant messaging and email communications. Discover all the ways you can stay in touch1.


Watch your favorite video clips, listen to your favorite songs and view your favorite pictures just about anywhere you go. The BlackBerry 8800 series smartphones helps you stay entertained while you’re on the go2,4.

GPS & BlackBerry Maps

Always head in the right direction by utilizing BlackBerry® Maps on your BlackBerry 8800 series smartphone. It's designed to make it easier to locate business, restaurants, entertainment centers and more by providing detailed maps and easy-to-follow driving directions. Or, pinpoint your current location, where you need to be and the best way to get there with built-in GPS capabilities2,3.

Information Management

Keep track of your day using included calendar and organizer applications. Quickly hop on the web to navigate and browse websites before accessing your business intranet and corporate database. When you need to know, and need to know it now, the BlackBerry 8800 series smartphones can help you get your answer.

Bluetooth Capable

Use Bluetooth® technology to get even more out of your BlackBerry 8800 series smartphone. With Bluetooth, you can enjoy convenient, hands-free technology at home or the office that helps you do more with your BlackBerry 8800 series smartphone - and helps you get more from your time.

1 Requires activation with voice and data plan.
2 Requires activation with data plan.
3 Only available where BlackBerry Maps is available.
4 Check with service provider for availability, roaming arrangements and service plans. Certain features outlined herein require a minimum version of BlackBerry® software.